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  • The Butterfly slip jig
    X: 1
    T: The Butterfly
    R: slip jig
    M: 9/8
    L: 1/8
    K: Emin
    |:B2E G2E F3|B2E G2E FED|B2E G2E F3|B2d d2B AFD:|
    |:B2d e2f g3|B2d g2e dBA|B2d e2f g2a|b2a g2e dBA:|
    |:B3 B2A G2A|B3 BAB dBA|B3 B2A G2A|B2d g2e dBA:|
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  • Cooley’s reel
    X: 2
    T: Cooley's
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Edor
    D|:EBBA "slide"B3 B|B2 AB dBAD|(3FED AD BDAD|(3FED A=c BAFD|
    EBBA "slide" B3 B|B2 AB defg|afec dBAF|1 EGFD E3 D:|2 EGFD E3 d||
    |:eB (3BBB efgf|eB (3BBB fedB|(3ABA FB (3ABA FB|ADFA Bcdf|
    eB (3BBB efgf|eB (3BBB fedB|(3ABA FB dfec|dBAF EFGB:|
    |:eB (3BBB eBfB|eB (3BBB fedc|BE (3EEE BEdE|BE (3BBB BAFB|
    eB (3BBB eBfB|eB (3BBB fecA|d3 e fdec|dBAF EFGB:|
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