tunebook 91 tunes.

I’m 66(as of 2019), and have been playing since I was 43. The reason I started playing the fiddle was by chance really. I was driving along listening to CBC radio and heard a fiddle tune that blew my mind in a way I had never heard before. I found out it was by Eilen Ivers and went out and bought her albums and started listening to them. I devoured everything she did and found myself going into ecstatic states to some of her tunes. It finally convinced me to rent a fiddle and take it further. Once I had a fiddle I was hooked.
I admit to liking to play the livelier tunes and less the slow ones. I realized recently that my whole purpose for fiddling was to fly….in my spirit that is. Sometimes I get going on a tune and become possessed and start doing crazy things I have never done before and feel like a whirling dervish with the bow.
Over the years it’s got better and better. I’d love to get together with a good Celtic guitar accompaniment player. Have to see about making that happen….
I live in Victoria BC Canada and have been kind of hiding out away from other musicians for a number of years. Hope to change that….