Niles H

tunebook 39 tunes.

Took up mandolin after buying Fairport Convention’s FULL HOUSE album back when it came out. Play a wide spectrum of roots music, made some recordings, wrote numerous mandolin instruction book/cds, published “The Mandocrucian’s Digest” for 11 years. and conducted workshops. Have been playing lots of Finnish and Nordic music for the past 17 years, but also like Greek, Asian and other musics. Play electric 5-string mandola (mini-Strat conversion) which lets me function as a blues/rock guitarist, and also play pedalbass (organ style bass pedals). Also tenor banjo and the larger mando-family instruments, and occasionally the viola.. For a mental workout, and as a way to better teach beginners, took up playing mando left-handed around 2003. Since 2008, it’s usually the (Boehm) flute that I pick up and practice/play.

My wife sings, plays fiddle, accordion (piano acc and chromatic 5-row) and keyboards.