tunebook 1 tune.

Fiddler… in WIchita, KS… go to a session Monday nights which is a mix of Irish, newly composed contra tunes (new to me)… and a smattering of Appalachia.

I prefer old tunes… something about the traditional that I’m a sucker for. I can usually spot a new composition a mile away… (sometimes theres one that does it for me…)

Not sure exactly what it is, but the simple placing of a few notes together into a jig, reel, march or whatever that can last 100s of years and stir up emotions in me and other people absolutely fascinates me.

I am not the all encompassing fiddler as many here in the US try to be… jazz, bluegrass, swing… you can have it.

Give me the jigs, reels, and breakdowns…. scottish, irish, english, americanish… I don’t care as long as it’s a good tune that strikes up a feeling or emotion in me.