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I took up my first ever instrument in 2006 at the age of 16 with classical violin lessons and became interested in fiddle music several years later, which has gradually taken over and left me with a love of ITM and related traditions. I enjoy listening to and learning from the recordings and videos of various masters past and present, whatever their stylistic differences; Bobby Casey remains a particular favourite.

I originally come from Worcester in the West Midlands of England and graduated with a music degree from the University of York in 2013. I’ve since worked in education in a pastoral capacity with pupils at primary, secondary and college level, and completed a Master’s degree in musicology at the University of Manchester in 2017. I now live near Rochdale and am currently training to become a counsellor; in the meantime, I’m gradually improving my fiddle style and expanding my repertoire. Never been to a session and am perennially shy about facing that, always feeling like a complete beginner - send me some tips if you’ve had to overcome this yourself!