tunebook 33 tunes.

I live in Bastrop Texas which is next to the Lost Pines. I started seriously pursuing fiddle in 85. I already had a number of years on guitar and mandolin. I made my living as a multi-instrumentalist with touring Country bands for many years. Upon retirement from roadwork in 96, I have put down my other instruments and mainly pursued fiddle. I got involved in Celtic music in 98 when a rock band I was in got a weekly gig at an Irish Pub. In 2000 I was offered a job with the Celtic Rock band Pubcrawler. I played with them until the lead Singer passed away in 07. From those ashes I formed "Celtic Texas" and we are active in the Texas area. I also front a more traditional trio as well. In recent years I’ve taken up the bodhran and oud. You can check out my website at: