tunebook 33 tunes.

Im playing guitar for about 3 years and i am only recently getting into backing for trad. I am progressing slowly through playing in sessions and I am know teaching meself to play the mandolin. I have a ferociuos interest in irish trad and i am very keen to learn and gain experience. I also play the bodhran and sing with the guitar is my first love. I also have disdain for session musicians who are pretentious and will not help, advise or encourage beginners, i am also wary of people who say that a guitar does not belong at a session. i am from cavan and i am studying in sligo and attend sessions in sligo. i am a keen fan of planxty, christy moore, the bothy band, Lunasa, and other trad musicians and bands such as the pecker dunne, luke kelly, dervish and others