tunebook 13 tunes.

Hi, I’m a retired school teacher and fiddle player from Hagen, Germany. I’ve been into folk music since I was a teenager (50 years ago) and took up Irish Music at the age of 20. My first visit to Ireland was in 1977, the last one in 2019 to visit TradFest in Dublin. Over the years I’ve been playing various kinds of music: swing in an orchestra, rock covers in a band where I play pass. After 12 years of joint efforts I left Irish trad group Among Friends in 2015.
From 2008 to December 2019 I worked voluntarily as an editor for celtic-rock fanzine http://www.celtic-rock.de/ (in German) which also dealt with acoustic music. Now I do CD and concert reviews für Germany’s biggest folk magazine, folker. https://www.folker.de/