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One tune setting, and one comment.

  • Father O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca reel
    X: 1
    T: Father O'Grady's Visit To Bocca
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: Dmaj
    B|ABde {a}fded|ABAG EGde|{a}fded cAAG|EFGE D2 de|
    fded cAAG|EG ~G2 ABde|{a}f2 ed cAAG|EFGE D3 z|
    {B}A2 de {a}f2 ed|ABAG EGde|{a}f2 ed cAAG|EFGE DAde|
    {a}fded ~A3G|EG ~G2 ABde|{a}f2 ed cAAG|EFGE D3 z||
    ABde fafe|{c}d2 ed cAAF|~G3A GE~E2|edcA GEFG|
    A2 de {a}f2 ge|{c}d2 ed cAAf|fa{c'}af gece|fafe d3 B|
    ABde fafe|dfed cAAF|~G3 A GE{A}ED|edcA GEFG|
    ABde {a}f2 af|dfed cAAe|~f3 a gece|fafe d3 B||
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  • The New House in a set played by James Keane

    Michael Dwyers (aka The Two and Sixpenny Girl), The New House, and the Tar Road to Sligo.

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