tunebook 18 tunes.

I have been playing the guitar for 30 years and started getting into celtic music about 20 years ago. I have played in a few bands both pop and celtic, including Aussie ‘Bushdance’ outfits. A few years ago I inherited my father’s old round-back mandolin and have been slowly building up a repertoire of tunes. I used to get together with friends to play celtic and other music every week back in Melbourne. About four years ago I got a job in East Gippsland and have moved to the bush. Whilst I have come across several other musicians around the district, very few of them play any ITM. The closest thing I’ve found is a bluegrass banjo picker and his mate who chords on the fiddle!! I recently met a couple of local lasses who can play ITM (one flute, one fiddle) so I’m looking forward to having home sessions. If anyone is passing through East Gippsland, (Bruthen - near Bairnsdale. Home of the Bruthen Blues Bash every February!) please drop me a line. I’d love to share a few tunes! Please!