tunebook 11 tunes.

Dia dhuit, is mise Hugh Cochran, originally from the Dingle region now displaced to wander the States, currently residing in Michigan. I’m a historian specialising in Late Classical, Early Medieval European History and Celtic History from Halstatt to The Celtic Tiger. I am mainly a busker as far as music goes but also play in several bands from bluegrass to old time to ITM and a bit of Pogues style thrown in for fun. I attempt to find and or start sessions whenever possible. I get my mail and take my calls at whatever local I’m near.
List of Instruments
Tin Whistle
Wooden Flute
Octave Mandolin
Tenor Banjo
Piano Accordion
Bodhran(my work computer lacks fadas)
Gut Bucket
Working on Uilleann Pipes but Dia, they are tough