fiddlaar’s tune sets

In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod, Christy Campbell, Anthony Murray’s.

T: In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E AB|"A" c4 (dc)|"E"{A}B3 (B A)B|"A7"c a3 (3(gag)|"D"f3 f ec|"A"{cd}e2 A2 B2|"F#m"c e3 (3(cec)|"Bm"B6|"E7"B3 E AB|
"A" c4 (dc)|"E"{A}B3 (B A)B|"A7"c a3 (3(gag)|"D"f3 f ec|"A"{cd}e2 A2(Bc)|"E"(Bc2)~c (BA)|"E"{FG}A6|"A"A3:|
ag|"D"f4 ed|"D"f a3 (3faf|"A" e4 (3edc|"A" ~c4 AB|"A" c4 BA|"F#m"c a3(3(cec)|"E"B6|1 B4 ag|
[1 "D"f4 ed|"D"f a3 (3faf|"A" e4 (3edc|"A" ~c4 AB|"A" ca3 c2|"F#m"(Bc3) B2|"E"A6|"A"A4:|
[2 "E"B3E AB|"A" c4 (dc)|"E"{A}B3(B A)B|"F#m"c a3(3(gag)|"D"f3~f ec|"A"{cd}e2 A2(Bc)|"E"(Bc2)~c (BA)|"A"{FG}A6|A3||
T: Christy Campbell
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:"A"{AB}A>GF<D "E"E<F{EF}E>C|"A"A,>f{ef}e>c "E"{Bc}B>AB<c|"A"{AB}A>GF<D "E"E<F{EF}E>C|E>FG<E "A"{E/F/G/}A2 (3ABB|
"A"{AB}A>GF<D "E"E<F{EF}E>C|"A"A,>f{ef}e>c "E"{Bc}B>AB<c|"D"d<f""{ef}e>c "E"{Bc}B>AB<c|"Bm"F<D"E"G<E "A"{E/F/G/}A2 (3ABB:|
"A"{AB}A>Bc>d "E"e>f{ef}e>d|"A"{cd}c>A A/A/A/A/ "D"f>ef<a|"A"[A,2E2] (3AAc "E"e>f{ef}e>c|"Bm"B/B/B/B/ "A"c<A "F#m"F2 "E"(3EFG|
"A"{AB}A>Bc>d "E"e>f{ef}e>d|"A"{cd}c>A A/A/A/A/ "G"=g2 f>g|"A"(3aee (3cee (3aee (3cee|"Bm"(3dcB "A"(3cBA "E"B>a{ga}g>f|
"A"e>dc>d "E"e>f{ef}e>d|"A"{cd}c>A A/A/A/A/ "D"f>ef<a|"A"[A,2E2] (3AAc "E"e>f{ef}e>d|"Bm"B/B/B/B/ "A"c<A "F#m"F2 "E"(3EFG|
"A"{AB}A>Bc>d "E"e>f{ef}e>d|"A"{cd}c>A A/A/A/A/ "G"=g2 f>g|"A"(3aee (3cee (3aee (3cee|"Bm"(3dcB "A"(3cBA "E7"B>d{cd}c>B||
T: Anthony Murray's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E|:C>E A2 C>E A2|AFEB B,/B,/B, B,2|CD/E/AE FEAE|F>AEC A,/A,/A, A2:|
e>cAe c<A e>c|d>fe>c B/B/B Bc/d/|e>cAe c<A e>c|d>fe>c A/A/A Ac/d/|
e>cAe c<A e>c|egdf c/c/c c>B|FAEF DFCE|A/G/F/E/ Ac, A,/A,/A, A||