Robin Garside

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I’m now a ‘retired professional’ singer, guitarist, fiddler, mandolinist and banjo player. I had more than 30 years experience of playing around the Folk Clubs and Festivals in the UK and occasional forays abroad. I used to perform solo, in a duo with my friend Paul Gough, and in a ceilidh band (The Rhythm Chaps). I now play Gypsy Jazz with a few chums in The Bath Hotel, Sheffield. I used to play in a Shanty band called Monkey’s Orphan. I’ve written music, including traditional style tunes, a few decent songs and incidental music for a couple of films, but that was quite a while ago. Nowadays I really enjoy playing in sessions, especially at Fagan’s in Sheffield, and I have led the Sheffield Traditional Fiddlers Society for nearly 30 years, (See and I’ve compiled 7 books of tunes for the Fiddlers Society. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month except December, at the Red Deer, Pitt Street, Sheffield S1 4DD. We welcome anyone who plays a fiddle, we’d be glad to see you!