Jimmy B

tunebook 1 tune.

I am originally from southern California. I spent my 20’s (in the 90’s) playing/singing/writing music, both in rock bands, trying to “make it,” and in a beloved acoustic side project with 3-4 members called The Bogtrotters (there is a group by that name I found on the web, but there is no relation). We played about 75% Irish songs and tunes, with the remaining balance being American folk music and a smattering of world music, including a bit of eastern European music and even a Venezuelan waltz.

After it became clear I was not to be a rock star, I joined the Navy for six years, stationed in Norfolk, VA, and after getting some travelling under my belt, my love of acoustic folk music slowly came back to me, although I stayed away from playing out of a morose depression over not having “made it.” I’m long over that now.

I moved to Arizona, met my beautiful wife, with whom I’ve had two boys. She is originally from Belfast, raised partly in the states, red-headed, strong-willed, and amazing. I have little idea what it’s like to visit Belfast and the Falls Road as a tourist, since I’ve always just been welcomed as a part of the family.

Anyway, I am looking to reacquaint myself with playing music, and since I love Irish music, and have limited time for a social life, sessions are a great way to indulge in both. I play a bit of mandolin, and am trying to learn the banjo after having picked up a gorgeous Orpheum tenor, but it’s slow going. I’d like to get to the point of being able to knock out a few tunes on whistle one of these days as well.