tunebook 22 tunes.

Hi everyone !

I’m french, and I’ve been playing the whistle for just one year now.
I know how to play some jigs and reels (morrison’s jig is my favorite !).
I absolutely love Ireland. I’ve been doing a linguistical trip there for a month last summer, and I’m gonna move there for good within the next few months.

I know the crisis is gonna make it very harsh, but I really don’t care, cause I feel like I couldn’t be more happy elsewhere…

Once in Ireland, I hope this time I’ll be able to form a band to do some sessions, which seem to be really good fun !

Hope I’ll be able to do all that, and that irish people are as nice and true as everyone believe.

And thanks for your beautiful website, whoever made it it’s great, I’m currently working on a tune I couldn’t find the music sheet anywhere but here : sleepy maggy !