tunebook 41 tunes.

My name is Jonathan Pazer, I play an Olwell Irish D Flute, as well as Bohdran, and some Mandolin.

I have been taking flute lessons with Bill Ochs, a terrific teacher in NYC, for a number of years and really enjoy those.

Right now in 2011 I’m looking for fellow musicians to play with on the weekends up in the New Paltz / Kingston, New York area.

I would describe myself as an intermediate player, I read music a bit, and really enjoy playing with other people.

I can be reached at the following address, without the spaces: j n p a z e r @ m a c. c o m

I have started a Meetup.com group to get folks together to do a slow-session in the Gardiner-New Paltz, NY area. If you are interested, pls google Gardiner NY Slow Session and you should find us.