tunebook 12 tunes.

I’m a fiddler in Vermont, USA. I play in a style I call “Yankee Independant”: a mix of Irish, French-Canadian and Southern “Old-Timey” styles and repertoire. I used to put cuts, rolls and bowed triplets into evreything I played, but have gotten away from that now and tend to play in what I think of as a more American style, with lots of drones and double stops. I’ve even had some fun trying to play Irish tunes in an “old-timey” way. I’ve composed a number of tunes, a few of which can be found in midi format on my web page: http://woodburystrings.home.att.net/johnpage.htm (this page no longer exists, but I continue to compose tunes from time to time, and I may post some of them on The Session sometime.)
I also play some Welsh trad music with my wife, Sarah, in a duo we call CARIAD (“love” or “affection” in Welsh). We also perform as a duo called High-Low-Jack, with a more eclectic repertoire, and as a trio with bass as The Damn Yankee String Band, mostly for contradances.