Col Arco

tunebook 937 tunes.

Lived many years in Bristol UK, then Ealing, West London now ‘settled’ (I hope) in Saltdean, Brighton. Previously played guitar in non folk /trad context (Swing jazz and ‘experimental rock’!), then after some years away from playing, discovered ITM sessions, and started playing mandolin and tenor banjo in nearby ‘learner’s session’ ; (thanks Gill Newlyn). Unfortunately Gill ‘disappeared’ off to Kerry soon after I started, and before I started trying to learn fiddle.
She was a great session leader, and has a very good reputation as a fiddle teacher. Recommended !
Couple of years ago started learning box, (a bit easier than fiddle, though less rewarding in many ways).
I never really got too far with my fiddle learning , and now usually choose between mandolin banjo or box to take to a session.
Recently gone back to playing guitar more. However, despite previous playing experience, I find playing good accompaniment for Irish trad far from easy. Don’t expect to see me playing it ‘out’ before plenty more ‘home practice’.