tunebook 5 tunes.

Hi every one! I live way out in Butte Montana. What? nobody heard of the place? Hey, if you wanna see a town that’s more irish than Dublin, then stop by my town.(what I mean is that alot of the people here are of Irish descent) It’s an Irish Mining town of 35,000. In it’s boom day Butte was the biggest city between Minneappolis and Seatle.
There wasn’t much Irish music here when I arrived, but I’ve been teaching tinwhistle to several youngsters. By the way, I play the whistle, IRISH flute, bohdran, mandolin, percussion, and I sing a bit. Oh yeah and in 2003 I was 17. If it is still that year then chances are I haven’t grown any older.
Right now my dad, my brother, and I have a little band going. We go around town playing at partys and restaurants for a little pocket money. It pays for the gas to go to the Helena Session.
is Irish music great? You bet.