Fernando Durbán Galnares

tunebook 47 tunes.

Madrilian living in Tenerife that lived before in Ireland (6 years and a half in Galway and 3 years and a half in Cork).

At the moment very interested in ABC notation (18/09/20). I’m learning bit by bit and along the way I will submit tunes.

Over the years I have been playing different instruments, the ones I play now are diatonic harmonica, chromatic harmonica and ukulele for chords (06/09/20).

I lived about 10 years and a half in Ireland and I miss it quite a lot. One of the main reasons I went there it is of course the Irish Traditional Music.

Playing instruments is a hobby for me, I will always play something. No matter which instrument and if I play well or bad, as we say in Spain, "I need it like water".

Instruments that I played in the past and I still have but for the moment I’m not playing any more:

English system concertina: I have two Wheatstone concertinas, I was playing melodies with them for about three years.

Fiddle: only playing in first position, I played for about three years.

Tin whistle: I played like mad for about 12 years. Thanks to it I developed a quite fine hear. The bad thing is that I finally realised too late that I got all the ornamention wrong and It was too late to undo all of the bad habits I had, It would take a lot of work. One day I hope to come back to it and learn the ornaments bit by bit, for the moment I’m not planning to do it in the near future. I only use the tin whistle now to look for tunes in Tunepal.

Regarding the instruments I play now:

Harmonicas: this is my earliest instrument, I play it since I was a teenager. The problem is that after I play for a while, 30 minutes or so, my lips go sore and if I continue they can get pretty bad. I play diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

Diatonic harmonica: what I usually do is to play tunes with the diatonic harmonica and if I see it is not possible, that is when I go to the standard chromatic harmonica. I play tremolo diatonic harmonicas, I’m always playing a cheap one of the make Hero in C but I have three Tombo harmonicas (G, D and C). Sometimes I accompany myself with the ukulele at the same time.

Chromatic harmonica: For the tunes that cannot be played with the diatonic, I go for the chromatic. I usually go for the easiest option: I play in the key with less alterations, and most of the time It isn’t a session key. But I do like to play in many keys, sometimes I accept the challenge of playing in the original key. What can happen as well is the fact that the harmonica has broken notes and I have to avoid them. As a result of that I find myself playing in very uncommon keys. I have a Hohner Cromonica 280 C with a few notes broken in the C row and a Hohner Toots Mellow Tone in a perfect condition.

Ukulele: I started doing chords with the ukulele about 7 years ago, I love playing the accompaniment of the tunes. I depend on finding the chords in Internet. I sometimes use it to accompany myself when I’m playing the diatonic harmonicas and many times to accompany my whistling.

Mouth whistling: I absolutely love whistling. I have been doing it since I was a little child. I take it quite seriously and I am always trying to improve my whistling. Many times I accompany myself with the ukulele.