sam bracken

tunebook 1 tune.

I was born and raised in Belfast (Norn Irn) and served my musical dues in (amongst oher places) Pat’s Bar, Prince’s Dock Street where we sang and played on Tues and Fri nights and Sat’s afternoon and night.
The musical mix was originally 60/40 songs/tunes but (as with other sessions) as time passed by, the tunes took over from the singing to a greater extent.
I Ieft Belfast for England during the early 1970’s along with fellow Belfastian Dave Shannon and we spent several years playing in folk clubs (first as a duo and then a trio called Therapy) from Land’s End to John o Groats and all points E&W. I left the band in 1972, moved to Lancashire and followed a solo career playing in folk clubs.
I relocated to Cumbria in 1976 where I became a boatman on Windermere but continued to be involved in music on a semi-pro basis. I joined 5 Hand Reel as Dick Gaughan’s relacement and eventualy retired from full time music in the mid 80’s.
I lived in South Lakeland, Cumbria until 2016 with my wife Elaine (who plays flute and sings, but not at the same time I hasten to add) and we kept our chops in shape by playing in sessions and doing the odd gig.
We moved house during Feb’ 2016 to Settle, North Yorks. where we attend sessions in the Lion, Settle on second and forth Thursdays ( Mike Harding is the convivial host) We played at Costa Del Folk in Majorca and Portugal during 2016 and we are also members of The Giggleswick Temperance Band.