tunebook 145 tunes.

On a bit of a whim, I spent three days at the O’Flaherty Retreat on October 2009 (an annual event, south of Dallas/Ft. Worth) learning to play the whistle I’d picked up a few years prior (also on a whim - I’m a bit of a compulsive instrument collector). I went in with only a vague notion of what ITM was, and came out obsessed. I picked up the flute the following March, and ordered a practice set of pipes about the same time, which arrived in in August 2010. Watch some of the flailing if you like:

At this point, I’m pretty much a regular at the Fiddler’s Green and B.D. Riley’s sessions in Austin, TX and the Wake the Dead session in San Marcos.

In a previous/parallel life, I spent a fair number of years as a classical piano and vocal student…I also play around in the electronic music world ( ).