tunebook 22 tunes.

I’m from the Isle of Man (the little bit of land in the middle of the irish sea). I’ve played fiddle for 17 years - classically as well as folk. I play the piano aswell and have dabbled in some other instruments (I still play harp and whistle from time to time).
I’ve been playing for dance groups over here for a good while, been to a few interceltic festivals (Did Lorient last year) with different groups. I am a teacher (god forbid) but I play mostly with my sister when we can be bothered to stop arguing. Influences at the moment are Teada and Daimh, and Siobhan Peoples - amazing.
I did a classical music degree, took a year out, then did the MA at Limerick (I have blank periods from my time there - practising consisted of going to the pub and playing in sessions). Then I did teacher training in Ormskirk before coming back over here and dithering over recording a CD with sis.

Now recorded said CD and waiting to start the heavy stuff. Just bought me a nice Bridge Electric fiddle - absolute beast.