Hello all!

I reside in northern New England (NH),

I have been interested in Celtic music for some time along with Celtic langauges. I just haven’t gotten around to learning how to play many "session" type tunes - was always interested more in the sung tunes because of the languages.

I do not play professionally - just for fun. My main instrument is the mountain dulcimer, but I also play (not all equally as well) guitar, mandolin, harp, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, percussion, whistles, recorder, flutes, balalaika, dotar/dutar, harmonica and just about anything else I can get my hands on!

Would love to find an old bouzouki or octave mandolin real cheap - like a garage sale type find, you know, someone who’s had it in the family from grandpa and has no clue what it is or how to play it, just wants to get rid of it kind of deal. Same with one of those 1920’s German guitar-lute (Wanderfogellaute) - oh well, I can dream.

Hoping to broaden my repertoire of tunes here.