tunebook 503 tunes.

Hi, my name is Len Zaikoski.

I’m a 51-year-old, happily-married, father-of-one who programs computers for a living and plays Irish fiddle and ukulele for fun. I live in Central Pennsylvania, in the USA.

I started out in Elementary school with some classical training, but gave up in Jr. High when playing violin wasn’t “cool.” In 2000, after a long time of developing a love of “Celtic” music, I decided to pick up a violin again and this time try fiddling.

Since then I’ve learned the difference between “Celtic” and ITM, and like to think of myself as an “Irish” fiddler – even though I’m almost 100% Polish! 🙂 Hmmm, maybe this explains why I enjoy playing polkas so much….

I also have a nice Clarke “Sweetone” tinwhistle but I can only play a couple of tunes on it. I like having an instrument I can carry around anywhere and not have to worry about breaking it.

I jam once a month with the Susquehanna Folk Music Society ( ; playing folk, bluegrass, gospel, old time and ITM. Blending my fiddle in with this diverse group of excellent musicians has actually helped a lot with my “ITM learning-by-ear goals.” Considering that I know very few of the songs/tunes they play, *listening* has been critical! 🙂