tunebook 103 tunes.

Love mostly Irish tunes, but will learn whatever I learn by osmosis.

Used to go along to the Fish (Fisherman’s - Broughty Ferry), but it was a little too noisy and fast, and eventually I stopped enjoying it.

These days I play a few tunes now and again in the Speedwell’s. A Tuesday session started with Alastair and Andy, which Alastair has been the stalwart of, keeping it going over the years. Come and enjoy.

Best experiences:
First session in the Fish, hearing Mike Ward et al, and having the revelation that I liked what I heard and wanted to learn
Meeting my wife (to be).. ..and, as one put it.. ..“the fiddlers were fiddling and then started to fiddle with each other!” And we still are ;) “fiddling”, not “fiddling”, I mean well, err.. …….and now have a little one (3yo)… …but he’s drumming, mostly by choice to Led Zep.
Going to the Fleadh in Clonmel, and then not actually going to the Fleadh but being taken into the back of beyond, god knows where by Niall who ran the campsite to somewhere called the half way house (but there are probably loads of those) and playing slides and polkas for the set dancers in what was both the pub and someone’s kitchen.