tunebook 7 tunes.


I started playing the whistle in 1998 as I always wanted to be able to play an instrument. I know that some of you might classify the whistle as more a child’s toy than a bona fide instrument. Anyway, with a young family (read limited funds available) I bought my first whistle and have not looked back. You could say I drive my family mad with my playing.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I own several whistles namely: Soodlum D, Soodlum C, Overton D and a Howard low D.

My favourite tune types are jigs, slip jigs and airs.

Update: June 2004 - I am finally getting the hang of reels.

Update: July 2005 - My family bought me a Dixon 3 pce polymer flute for my 40th birthday. I am having a great time learning to play the flute. At the moment I need to breathe more frequently when playing the flute. This has been made easier as when learning tunes on the whistle I always look for multiple spots to take breaths in each part of the tune. It also made the tune more interesting and easier to vary.

Update: march 2006 - Getting better at playing the flute. I must correct the June 2004 update - I am now getting the feel for reels.