banshee misfortune

tunebook 117 tunes.

Tunes are wanderers.
They come from anywhere.
From down the street or over the ocean.
They come from the houses, pubs, schools.
They come from rivers, hills, moutains and oceans.
Some are from small towns and villages only a few know. Some are from are from the biggest cities.
Sometimes they are so green they have no personality, and have hardly traveled at all.
Others are so old they they have been to every ocean, and countless places, and have even forgotten their own name.

While hanging around, a tune picks up some of the local lingo, has a few adventures. Hopefully, it grows a little, and hopefully, it shares some of the story and history it has picked up along the way. They move on when they have worn out the welcome, but are always welcome back whether they are called for or not.