Mark Loithen

tunebook 201 tunes.

Instruments: great highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, whistles, jaw’s harp

I was born in North Bavaria, Germany. My father was a Bohemian folk musician (accordion, sax), and my first instrument was the piano accordeon. My elder brothers started playing American Oldtime and Bluegrass music in the 1980ies. Later I joined them with the double bass. But after a long visit to the British Isles, I lost my heart to Scottish and Irish music. Many Appalachian fiddle tunes have their origins in Ireland and Scotland, anyway.

Fortunately, back then I was still young enough to start playing Scottish pipes (GHB, small pipes) and whistles. I love the (Gaelic) music of the Western Highlands and Islands. I am a huge fan of Rory Campbell, Allan MacDonald of Glenuig, Iain MacDonald of Glenuig, Griogair Labhruidh, Ronan Martin, Julie Fowlis, James Graham, Phil Cunningham, Jonny Hardie and many more. I think Scottish tunes should be a lot more present in sessions all over Europe 😉