tunebook 100 tunes.

I’m a Canadian medievalist, web developer, and game designer. My first whistle was a Feadog D. I’ve been playing on a Sindt D, Busman C, Susato Bb, and a pile of Generations for about 7 years. I am also a beginner Uilleann piper.

I’ve composed one tune, called “Patterson’s Jig” or “New Day Jig”:

6/8 time in Amaj
Here it is in ABC Notation:
| :~A3 AFE | A2B c2c | ~d3 ~c3 | BAF F2E | ~A3 AFE | A2B c2d | ~e3 fcA | BcB A2E :| ABc ~e3 | ecf ecA | ~B3 Bcd | Bcd B3 | ABc ~e3 | eca ecA | ~e3 fcA | BA^G A :|

I also recorded a rendition of the jig: http://youtu.be/bVxMdHzBh6o