tunebook 811 tunes.

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Here is a list of tunes from this site that are suitable to play on Highland pipes, Scottish Border pipes and Scottish small pipes.

Reels in A / mix / min ….

A’ Sireadh Spors

Alasdair Fraser’s Welcome To Cape Breton

Alick C. MacGregor

Amorous Lover, The

An T-Seann Cailleach

Auld Pipe Reel, The

Black Haired Lad, The

Boys of Malin, The

Break yer Bass Drone

Buntata’s Sgadan

Canongate Twitch, The

Captain Lachlan MacPhail Of Tiree

Charms of Whisky, The

Congress, The
(c natural key need for smallpipes)

Dancing Feet


Doctor MacInnes’ Fancy

Dolina MacKay

Drunken Piper, The

Edmonton Airbus, The

Eel in the Sink, The

Ely Parker


Fair Haired Lass, The

Fleshmarket Close

Good Drying

Gravel Walks, The
(c natural key need for smallpipes)

Hamer o’er the Taing

High Reel, The

High Road to Linton, The

Hogties (X:6)

Ian Green Of Greentrax

In and Out the Harbour

Jack Daniels

John Morrison of Assynt House

Jolly Tinker, The

Kelsey’s Wee

, The

Lads of Mull, The

Lady Glenorchy

Little Donald of the Pigpen


Malcolm Johnston

Malfunction Junction

Man From Glengarry, The

Miss Martin’s Wedding

Murdo Took the Stoup

My Wife’s a Drunkard

Old Grey Woman of Raasay, The

Pressed for Time

Prince of Wales, The

Roddy MacDonalds Fancy

Sandwich Maker, The


Sound of Mull, The

Stornoway Castle

Struy Lodge

Tha Fionnlaigh Ag Innearach

Tie the Bonnet
(c natural key need for smallpipes)

Turbo Shandy

Under The Influence

Upside Down In Eden Court

Walrus, The

Wren’s Death, The

Yetts O’ Muckhart

Zito the Bubbleman

Reels in D

Antrim Rose, The

Ash City

Barney’s Barmoral

Blackberry Bush, The

Christmas Carousal, The

Fourth Floor, The

High Drive
, The

Humours of Tulla, The

Kitchenpiper, The

MacFarlane’s Rant

Major Campbell Graham, MBE

Miss Girdle

Molly Rankin’s

Piper of Drummond, The

Pitnacree Ferryman, The

Ramnee Ceilidh, The

Richard Dwyer’s

Rip the Calico

Stone Frigate, The

Tail Toddle

Wild Irishman, The

Wise Maid, The

Reels in Bm

Ale is Dear, The

Ballivanaich, The

Fiona MacLeod

Golden Brown Chevette

Glass of Beer, The (x:6)

Jock Wilson’s Ball

Kitchen Criminal, The

Lady Margaret Stewart

Malts On The Optics

Ness Pipers, The

Paddy’s Leather Breeches

Piper and the Shrew, The

Peter MacKinnon Of Skeabost

Willie Murray’s

Reels in A min (not smallpipes)

Andy Renwicks Ferret

The Old Bush

The Birds Nest

Reels in E dor


The Little Cascade

The Knockard Elf

Reels in D dor (not smallpipes)

Bulgarian Red

Jigs in A / mix / min ….

An Gheagus An Gra’ Geal

Banks of Allan, The

Braes of Mellinish

Donella Beaton

Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn

Donald MacLennan’s Tuning Phrase

Drummond Castle
(c natural key for smallpipes)

Duncan the Gauger

Felix the Wrestler

Fosgail an Dorus

Glasgow City Police Pipe Band, The

Jerry’s Pipe

Judge’s Dilemma, The

Kenny Gillies of Portnalong

Kitchen Maid, The

Lady in a Bottle

Landgstrom’s Pony (x:5)

Mac’s Fancy

Mug of Brown Ale
(c natural key needed for smallpipes. high b’s can be replaced with g’s)

Old Woman of the Milldust, The

Old Woman’s Dance, The

Over to Uist

Panda, The

Price of a Pig, The

Professor Delbert’s Birthday

Rory Gallacher

Rory MacLeod

Scarce of Tatties


Seagull, The

See the Bodachan

Sliabh Russell
(c natural key needed for smallpipes)

Swallowtail, The
(c natural key needed for smallpipes. high b’s can be replaced with g’s)

Snuff Wife, The

Jigs in D

Beford Cross

Bill Harte’s

Duck, The (x:3)

Famous Baravan, The

Gathering, The

Jig of Slurs, The

Kenny MacDonald’s

Road to Banff, The

Jigs in Bm

James MacLellan’s Favourite

Last Tango in Harris

Lieutenant Maguire’s


Oblique Jig, The (x:5)

Paddy’s Leather Breeches

Soup Dragon, The


Jigs in E dor

Miss Campbell of Sherness


A.A. Cameron

Bogan Lochan

Captain Horne

Cuttie’s Wedding

Devil in the Kitchen

Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth

Puirt a Beul

Siod Mar Chaidh An A Dholaidh

Soondachan MacPhee

This is How the Ladies Dance

Slip Jigs

Angus John MacNeil Of Barra

Barabel Phadruig

Beaton’s Blue Bonnet

Cat and the Dog, The

Chloe’s Passion

Donald Willie and his Dog

Drops of Brandy (x:4)

Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight (x:7)


Humours of Whisky, The

Irish Jig, The

James Byrne’s

Moll Roe

Peacock Follow The Hen
(c natural key needed for smallpipes)

Piper’s Maggot, The


Tending the Steer with a Heavy Heart

Throw The Beetle at Her

Would the Minister not Dance

Reels in G

The Cockerel in the Creel

Paddy Cronin’s

The Night We had the Goats

Dirty Bee, The


The Pigtown Fling
(the E in the 1st part final bar can be played an octave up or replaced with a B)

Mary O’ Niell’s
(c nat key needed for smallpipes)

Gordon’s Favourite
(c nat key needed for smallpipes. Move last two notes of 4th bar up an octave)

The Drogheda
(c nat key needed for smallpipes. Replace last not in bar 4 with a B)

Strathspeys in G

Munlochy Bridge (X: 2)

Neilidh O’ Boyle’s
(c nat key needed for smallpipes. Drop the high B’s down an octave)

Heilan’ Donald Kissed Kitty

South Uist Golf Club

Lady Madelina Sinclair
(c nat key needed for smallpipes.)

Jigs in G

Fasten the Leg in Her

The Tailor’s Wedding (x:3)

The Drover Lads
(Drop the high b’s in the 3rd partdown an octave. Drop the first 3 notes of bar 1 and 5 in the last part down an octave)

Jim Anderson’s Delight
(c nat key needed for smallpipes, or rplace the c with a high g)

Hughie Traver’s

The Ivory Flute
(replace the high b with a G or an A)

The Castlebar Races
(Drop the high b’s down an octave)

Dan Roger’s (x:2)