tunebook 282 tunes.

Hey I’m Mark I play flute and tin whistle
I love traditional Irish Music and my favourite instrument is the flute! I have also been playing clarinet and flute for classical.

My Favourite tunes, oh there are too many to type but the ones that I play the most are Cavan Potholes, Blackbird Set (Pádraig O’ Keefe’s, Happy One Step) Cooleys, Pigeon on the Gate, Knotted Cord, Morning Star, Castlekelly, Butterfly, Glasgow (Transposed), Harvest Home, Kid on the Mountain, Denis O’Keefe’s, Otter’s Holt, Banks of Lough Gowna, Mulvihils, Over the Moor to Maggie, Around the Fairy Fort, Ophelia’s Ghost, Emyvale, Red Crow, Fintan McManus’, Farewell to Chernobyl, Curlew, Belfats hornpipe, Plains of Boyle, Dowd’s Favourite, Killavil, Creel of Turf, Tom Billy’s, The Pipe on the Hob #1 and #2, Ballydesmond, Ryan’s Polka, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, Dark island, Jackie Coleman’s, AN Feochán, Longford Collector, Clumsy Lover, Good Morning to your nightcap, Primrose Lasses, Bag of Spuds, Gentle Giant, Star of Munster, Dooley’s, Christy RIng’s, Musical Priest, Inisheer, Toss the Feathers, Morrisons, Whelan’s Fancy, Ballydesmond, Swallow’s Tail, Gravel Walks, Banshee, The Weaver, Lonesome Boatman, Old Copperplate, Wandering Minstrel, Sligo Maid, The Effervescent, Bucks of Oranmore, Priests Leap, Scatter the Mud and the Gold Ring