Guernsey Pete

tunebook 44 tunes.

Retired pirate *, treasure hunter, beachcomber, charnel-house worker, liar, and whittler of minature ships. Now spend my time hanging around in strange costumes trying not to be filmed ( otherwise known as an extra or Background Artiste ), doing d-i-y for people who can’t, and music, including building and repairing instruments very slowly for myself and other people. I run a barn dance band, and when not on stage calling and playing bass, bouzouki and bodhran I enjoy sessions and folk clubs in North London. I play guitars, bouzouki, mountain dulcimer, banjo, bodhran, and english concertina. Too much to carry all at once, and over-diversity only stretches limited talent. And my SO plays flute, whistle, washboard, spoons, bones, ukulele, jews harp,and now 5-string banjo, an only slightly more portable package !
Shortly to be releasing a CD of my wife’s’ songs, recorded with friends, entitled “Dorten Yonder”.
Favourite tune; Whiskey before breakfast.
Favourite musicians; the Martins Carthy and Simpson.
Favourite songwriters; the Richards Farina and Thompson.
Favourite smells; fresh rain on hot tarmac, seaweed rotting on the beach (childhood nostalgias) and my SO’s cooking.
And you’ld never guess where I’m from………

I should add; “Rapidly turning into a grumpy old man”….

* No ! Really ? Yes ! Catch me in “Pirates ob de Carobbean IV” That’s MY elbow behind Johnny Depp as he chats in the pub with Keith Richards - ’cause I say so !