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Hi there,

I am a genius 🙂 and that’s no hollow boast - I have a Mensa tested IQ of 174.

I was born in 1955 with a English mother and Dublin born father.

At the age of 5 I taught myself to read music and play the recorder - since there were no other musicians in the family I was on my own 🙂

At age 11 I started flute lessons with the school and also attended weekly music school every Saturday morning learning purely classical music.

At 15 I had passed the Royal School of Music theory grade 8 and practical (flute) grade 5.

After a while not doing much I joined the British Army and spent 3 years in Germany playing in the regimental band.

After leaving the army I stayed on in Germany for nearly 20 years during which time I played in a folk group ‘Melenstein’ for several years with several radio and TV performances.

I also spent a lot of time busking and playing in Irish music sessions - learning a little guitar and 5 string banjo along the way.

Back in the UK in the 90’s I played in many irish sessions in and around Cambridge and played the theme music for a BBC travel documentary for St.Brievels Castle in Wales where I was staying at the time they were filming.

Over the past few years I have not done much music-wise - just the odd session here and there.

Looking to get back into things now especially since retirement is not too far off.

Currently I am trying to teach myself fiddle (to the horror of fiddle teachers everywhere :D ) and will see where that leads 🙂