M Popplewell

tunebook 24 tunes.

I am a young beginner of celtic music. I started playing the Great Highland Bagpipes at around 17. At 18, I decided to take up irish fiddling, but switched to the tenor banjo after realizing the difficulty of bowing on a violin (It takes forever to sound a good note!) Last year, at the age of 20, I began a slow education of the tin whistle, an instrument that I’m concentrating on so as to progress to playing uilleann pipes. Uilleann pipes are probably my favorite irish instrument and I’ve already been making my own practice set from info by the great pipe maker David Daye. I listen to irish music almost all the time, and the chieftains, seamus Ennis, The dubliners, Tony MacMahon, and willie Clancy are among my favorite musicians. To sum it all up: I LOVE IRISH MUSIC.