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I’m a fiddle player specialising in English style and repertoire. I direct some projects which interface with each other and try to provide resources for other musicians and researchers.

The Village Music Project is primarily interested in the traditional social dance music of England - where it came from, where it went to, who it travelled with and where it is now. We track down manuscript books and transcribe them into ABC notation. You can find them at

Folkopedia is a wiki project aiming to create a portal where people can link to folk websites, supplement links with extra information, comment on issues and provide paths for researchers to follow.

I’m a session player and a founder member of Ryburn 3 Step, a folk development project in West Yorkshire, UK.

I’ve spent quite a lot of years and effort contributing from within the EFDSS and on January 27th 2018, at a session in Essex, was presented with the Gold Badge Award from the Society.

My present band is The Old Swan Band plus locally, Our Northern Branch (two fiddles and a cello). My previous bands include Red Shift, New Victory Band, Muckram Wakes and, in a dim and distant past, The Druids.