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Jenny Nettles, The Oyster Wife’s Rant.

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T: Jenny Nettles
M: 4/4
K: Ador
AB|:c2B2A2a2|efge dBGB|c2B2A2a2|gefd e2 AB|
c2B2A2a2|efge dBGB|c2B2A2a2|gefd e2 AB:|
|:cdeA cdeA|d/c/B/A/ Gd BGdB|cdeA cdea|gefd e2 AB|
cdef gage|gage d/c/B/A/ GB|cdef gagf|eaa^g a2 AB:|
T: The Oyster Wife's Rant
M: 4/4
K: Ador
e2ed e~A3|dedB GABd|e2ed efge|dBgB A2ag:|
edef g2fe|dedB dedB|edef g2fe|dBgB A2ag:|