Jerone, LoM

tunebook 104 tunes.

(All i talk about is a lot of stuff you probably don’t care about. But since folks want a profile, here you go.)

My name is Jerone, i’m a lover of the musics. Some call my type "Passionate". One of my favorite quotes, "Why do people do drugs when there’s perfectly fine intoxicating music."

I don’t really know where to start, I guess i’ll start where the music started.

When I was 7, my grandmother randomly bought me a piano. After a couple weeks of it being in the house, i tried learning something on it. I saw "Franklin"(A Nick Jr. show about a kid turtle) and during one of the episodes, he learned how to play a piano song. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. After a couple weeks, and 2 episodes, I learned it.(The most awesome thing about that episode, is that the keys in the show were the same as a real piano, the notes too. Which is also why it took so long to learn it lol.)

When that happened, my fascination for music became manifest.

I have this vision, more like a flashback. I was probably about 4. I remember a piano being in the living room, but it disappeared. I don’t remember what happened to it. No one in my family seems to know anything about it either.

I went through about 4 piano teachers before i found a permanent one. One left to join a band. The other one, my granny didn’t like how she would leave mw at the piano by myself. I don’t remember that 1st piano lesson with the Wiggins, but i remember the many lessons throughout the years. The exposed me to many different genres of music, which influenced my lack of prejudice.

They mentioned that I "played by ear" but until I was about 11-12 years old, i didn’t know what that meant. But when I found out what it meant, I took full advantage of it.

Throughout the years of piano, my teachers tried very hard to teach me how to read. I learned all the music symbols, time signatures, lines and spaces, but i could never fluently sight read. But i did learn enough to teach myself pieces that i couldn’t learn by ear.

When i was 11 i moved to Tennessee for six months. My dad couldn’t find a music teacher and that drove me back home to Kentucky. But while I was in Tennessee, i was exposed to many other genres of music. Ska, New Age, Heavy Metal, other stuff. All from video games.

I received most of my music exposure from video games. Dance Dance Revolution being the most influential video game. This way I was exposed to ALL of the electronicas which is now in my top 10 favorite genres of music. Also Asian Pop, happy hardcore, 80s and 90s pop, and a few others.

I’ve developed a massive appreciation for these because they use to be terribly inaccessible. I was brought up around rap, hip-hop, r&b, soul, 50s-60s pop, and boy/girl band music. We were very "Hip-Hop" culture in my family, and everyone was very judgmental even if you were a little different from them.

Throughout high school i was very popular. I wasn’t shy about my growing affection for music and it confused me that most are. Anyway, I played the "pops" throughout high school. I tried taking my keyboard to school one day and, well, everyone seemed to like it. There was one moment i’ll never forget. School administration asked me to play for a pep-rally. When i played, one guy jumped out into the gym floor and started dancing, then EVERYONE else followed suit. They never let me play for a pep-rally again… I was awarded "Most Talented/Artistic" Senior Superlative for the Class of 2009.

I lost appreciation for Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B especially after learning what it was all about :/ That drove me to chase after anything else that i came across. I’m a huge fan of most of the New Age styles, Enya being my favorite. I like some classical music but it’s not really my style. I truly believe that Chopin is the greatest pianist ever. I’m a huge fan of theme music. Movies, television shows, commercials. Some are just "neat". One of my favorite pieces of a score is "Possessed" from "Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix". Another being "Rose" from Titanic.

I took choir classes about three quarters of high school. I was exposed to a lot of music then too. Awesome stuff, some that i haven’t found yet :(

Throughout my years i’ve spent most of my time collecting the music that i’ve heard in the past, because in the past it didn’t seem important for me to keep track of when and where i heard it. That never ends, but now i’m more diligent about it.

Soooo i guess that’s my life story really. Now to the expressive part!

I haven’t always been in love with music. I think it took about 9 years of piano before i REALLY started getting into it! Every music class in high school became a priority. Every little piece of knowledge i could get was significant. The "Theory" became very important to me, even to the point that "Sound" itself was exciting!

It was myyyyy 11th year of music that i fully fell in love with it. Everything became about music. My ears learned to stay open at all times, and pay attention to the sounds around me. It was also the year i began learning other instruments, and dance.

A Fiddle was given to me for Christmas…. Christmas of 2009. It took about a year for me to figure out what i wanted to do with it. I was so distracted with all of my new responsibilities. Going to school, playing for a church, keeping up with the events that folks wanted me to play for. But one day it HIT me. HARD!

Irish Music! I’m Fascinated by their Music, and Fiddle would be the PERFECT instrument to learn Irish music on. Not only that, but if i ever wanted to learn Old Time or Bluegrass, it would be a GREAT foundation! I remember the reaction I had when i first saw Mairead Nesbitt play. I was awed(TO the MAX) But the first time i saw those videos, i didn’t have the fiddle… yet ;)

I had been trying to buy a fiddle for about a year and a half because my 10th year of piano, i wanted to learn a new instrument. I always tell people, one of the strange things about me is, even though i’ve played piano and keyboards most of my life, i’ve always favored the Strings. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play violin/fiddle, thank God that i had some nice friends that got one for me.

I started learning Irish Traditional Music in Feb, 2011 with the help of some pretty awesome people here on All of the support i’ve received here has changed my life and my music forever. I have more of a music life than i’ve ever had.