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Solo pianist for R&B, Modern classical, and New Age music. I love melodies, and Irish Traditional Music boasts some of the most beautiful and lovely melodies ever written. The songs and airs lured me in to the tradition, but it was the tunes that got me hooked and I haven’t looked back since.

There are hundreds of reasons why I love music, and all of those reasons are Melodies. I was first aware of my love for melodies before I started playing music, as certain songs from popular culture or media made me feel so much… life. It was usually love songs, but there were others. I started out my musical journey in the pursuit of creative knowledge. I wanted to “write the music I heard in movies, on television, or in video games”. In short, I wanted to be able to reproduce any emotion or theme, and in pursuit of that goal, I eventually discovered Irish songs.

While exploring the world of New Age music, I discovered an air of the song “Down By The Sally Gardens”, and immediately fell in love. However, this was before the time digital music sharing had it’s boom, and through time and moves, my copies of the music were lost. The melody would survive with me, but I never knew it’s name or where it came from other than the album it was on. After 10 years of formal piano study, I wanted to take up a new instrument and chose the fiddle, and from there decided to follow-up on Irish Traditional music. It wouldn’t be long that I heard the melody again, and learned it’s name, but it had been so long I wasn’t sure if I was justn imagining things or if I really the same melody. By this time, digital music sharing had become common place, and there was one resource I did have from all those years ago. The name of the album.

“Hearts of Space” is what that album was called. However, it was’t the name of a band, or a band’s album. It was the name of an entire record company. They had a database of dozens, if not hundreds of volumes of music. Though, by this time, I was very well practiced at recovering music that had been lost to the times, and one glorious day I confirmed that the recording I heard when I was a child was indeed an air of the Irish song “Down by the Sally Gardens”.

And then, there were tunes…