Pat Higgins

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Irish tune jockey.
Galwayman living in Wellington, New Zealand.
Passionate about Irish traditional music and acoustic music in general.

For me , ITM is a path to self-expression, its off grid, low tech, high payload, and free. I lost my way for a while ‘cos I couldn’t get over some hurdles, and strayed into the dangerous thrall of the Anglo Concertina. Played a Lachenal for a while, loved it, ( thats a lot of music in your lap ) but I’m back on the true path now.
I play a Boosey Pratten 14901 from 1890.

I LOVE the fact that those people in the 19th C. ( and perhaps earlier) , could make an instrument that can deliver so much to a diligent musician.

Along with Bob Bickerton, I co-founded Ceol Aneas ( ). An annual event in June based on the Willie Week/Drumshambo model.

FACT: Humours of Lissadell and Jackson’s Favourite are the two best reels in Irish Traditional Music. Everyone knows that.