Joddy MacWingnut

tunebook 3 tunes.

I am a third generation fiddler from the Scottish Strathspey & Reel tradition, originally from near Dunkeld in Perthshire, home of Niel Gow (1727 - 1807) the great fiddle player, composer and teacher from the 18th century. I didn’t realise I could actually make a half-decent show of playing tunes until later in life, so I missed out on the traditional music resurgence of the 70’s and 80’s, but I’m catching up best I can.

I made my living playing the fiddle for a few different Irish bands based out of Wellington, in New Zealand in the early 90’s. I managed to have tunes with quite a few notable musicians the 6 years I was in Wellington, not least of which was a 5 minute cameo onstage with The Chieftains in 1974. I was playing with “Irish Rock” band called Banshee Reel at the time 🙂

I now live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I had intended uploading a set of tunes everyday for my 60th year, here :
I capitulated after 8 weeks - too much time required for practicing, recording, editing, uploading, describing.
I’ve had to prioritise, and pratcicing wins.
I may try the occasional live streams perhaps, record the flow of consciousness that governs my tune selections.

Slàinte mhàth!