an fidleir

tunebook 141 tunes.


I started playing music when I was about 4, when my mom started me on piano. As time went on, I grew to love the piano, and music overall. By the time I was 8, I started learning viola.

After my siblings introduced me to “not-so-traditional” groups like The Irish Experience and Riverdance, I fell in love with Celtic music, so I began fiddling on the viola. A couple years later, my mom get her old violin fixed up, - and knowing me, I couldn’t resist - I taught myself to play violin/fiddle.

Starting around the age of 12, I was intrigued by the Irish flute. As a result (especially with lack of funds) I began my early attempts to make flutes out of the Japanese Knotweed that was in our backyard, with just barely enough success to drive me on. As I learned over time, I was able to craft PVC flutes that I (and pretty much only me) was able to play. About that time, I got myself a cheap Irish flute, that by some miracle actually functioned adequately. That was when I was invited to play at the local Irish session. That was where I bloomed…

Learning from the older players there, I learned to play the music, and started being able to make PVC flutes that were suitable for a session. I was also introduced more closely to the uilleann pipes and bodhran. Over the years, I’ve only progressed from there.

Now, I play the piano, viola, and violin (for classical), Irish flute, high/low whistles, fiddle, bodhran, and soon the uilleann pipes.

Favorite bands and performers include: Dervish, Lunasa, Crosscurrent, Liz Carroll, Martin Hayes, Alasdair Fraser, and MacDara Ó Raghallaigh.