Dia dhaoibh! Greetings all!

I am a Brian and I do play the flute.

I also knock out a tune or two on the whistle, fiddle and harp. Where possible I deliver a song ‘as gaeilge’.

I live on the edge of The Central Highlands, where I do a lot of community driving.

I used to play regularly in a session at the New Sydney Hotel in Hobart; that’s nearly 100km away.

Apart from sessions, I play sometimes with a harpist, Deanna.

The Creel of Turf/The Rose in the Heather/The Bohola

The Butterfly

The March of the King of Laois

If you are heading for Tassie please send a PM; it would be nice to make you feel welcome.

All the best

Brian x

Co-founder Hibernia Centre, Bristol