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I’m a Scot living in Southampton, England. I play fiddle (mainly) - a lovely KC Strings 5-string 5*STAR Pro, and a Scott Cao 1750 “Kreisler” violin. I play Irish trad, Scots, bluegrass, snazz and some classical pieces too.

I’m finding that many of the fiddle questions asked on this site do, at first glance, appear to be specifically related to Traditional Irish fiddle playing - some of them are, but the vast majority are to do with playing technique at a very basic / root level, often because these basics have been skipped in the early learning stages. These are the things that are pretty much a prerequisite for any style of playing.

I am a fiddle instructor, and have held workshops at the Fiddle Hell events in Groton, MA from 2007-2014.
I have done the same at the UK Fiddle Hells In Buxton and Birmingham too, from 2006 - present.

I also write my own tunes - see here for a sample :


http://worldfiddlemusic.com/guest/the-carnaptious-curmudgeon.jpg (Gill The Gob)