Tomb’s tune sets

Lord Mayo, O’Neill’s March, The Jolly Tinker.

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T: Lord Mayo
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
AG AB|e2 e/d/B/d/|eA AB/A/|G/A/G/F/ ED|
AG AB/d/|e>f g>f|e>f g/d/B/G/|A4:||
a2 g/e/g/a/|b2 ba/g/|ed d/e/g|G>A GE|
a2 g/e/g/a/|b2 ba/g/|ed d/e/g|a4||
a2 g/e/g/a/|b2 ba/g/|ed d/e/g|G>A GE|
A>B d>B|A/G/A/B/ g2|e>f g/d/B/G/|A4||
T: O'Neill's March
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:Bg fa|eg f/e/d/B/|eg fa|eg f/e/d:|
|:ee f/e/d/B/|ee f/e/d/B/:|
|:A>B G>B|Ae d/B/A|A>B G>B|Ae z2:|
T: The Jolly Tinker
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:A3B G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA G3B|dBGB d^cdB|
A^GAB =G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA GFGB|dBGB d2 (3Bcd||
|:edef g2ef|geag {a}gedg|edeg a2 e(a |a2)bg aged|
(3B^cd ef g2e(g|g2)af gedg|edeg a2e(a|a2)bg aged||
|:ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
ea a2 ea a2|ea a2 egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd||
|:edgd ed (3Bcd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edgd eg{a}ge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
edgd ed (3Bcd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edef gfge|dBGB dgfg||
|:eA A2 ed (3Bcd|edef g2fg|eA3 efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
eA A2 ed (3Bcd|edef g2fg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 dB||