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Peter O’Connor; Born 23 07 1956 Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland
Father ;singer and small instrument player(comb, mouthorgan, Jew-harp etc) Mother Rose O’Connor: Fiddle and a little concertina. Mum died in early June 2008 RIP. Famed as a music teacher and raconteur.

Started playing fiddle same week (Aug/Sept 1963) as younger brother Gerry but not with the same interest. Been involved with music in some shape or form since then. From Aug. 1978 until Oct.1998 was on mainland Europe and though I played in several bands I really missed the sessions (my real love). Since returning I run a Trad. Music school and medieval archery school and storytelling session with medieval activities from home near Lismore Co. Waterford.

Came home to Ireland 1998;- I was just getting back into playing when I had a crash (Dec 2004)and I damaged my shoulder. Now I’m still trying to relearn lots I’ve forgotten.
e-mail; See my website;
Finding it hard to find sessions local that finish before midnight. Would love to get a Sunday-afternoon session going.