José F. Sánchez

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A child of the 60’s,born and raised in NYC. Found a fiddle in my neighbor’s garage, borowed it and started playing fiddle tunes. Frequented the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan and learned from great fiddlers like Brian Conway. (What luck!) Started dancing Irish céili and set dances and even got to play in the IAC Céilí Band for awhile. Moved to Wuerzburg, Germany where I missed the sessions and dancing and started organizing them myself. I’ve hosted several workshops, céilís, concerts and festivals and even a few parades with marching fiddles throughout the years. I founded the FolkClub Würzburg e.V. in 1982 to promote folk music and dance in the area. Still going strong with regular sessions , dance workshops, concerts and the like.
I personally orgainze a Celtic Halloween Ceili every year with a different band. I also have several musicians to pool from to play at weddings, birthdays, city festivals etc. Sessions are on Tuesday . All welcome!