I have lived for most of my life in the Isle of Man but now spend time in Spain each year where we have met some great trad musicians. I play mandolin and banjo, and travelling around I have visited quite a few sessions, such as in Caceres, Tournay, Pau, Cardiff, Bangor (Wales), Dublin, Dundalk, Newcastle (Down), mostly with my wife Rosie (bodhrán and fiddle). We hope to get to many more!

Rosie and I have a weekly session at the Irish Affair in Torremolinos (listed on this site) when we are in Spain and when we’re in the Isle of Man we’re regulars at the Mitre session in Ramsey and the O’Donnell’s session in Douglas. Contact me if you’re visiting the Island or south of Spain and we’d be happy to take you around to any sessions.

I am also interested in the historical side of traditional music(s) and have published a book of Manx session tunes Manx Traditional Music for Sessions, which includes a brief history of traditional music in the Island, the circumstances of its revival, and consequences of that revival (if anyone is interested in the subject, contact me). The book is previewed on Nigel Gatherer’s excellent site:, or go to: