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JFloom’s tunebook: waltzes

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A Day And An Age

X: 1
T: A Day And An Age
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/B/c|d2c3A|B4A2|F A3F2|E4D2|D2B3A|
A F3D2|E4EF|E4A/B/c|d2c3A|B4A2|F A3F2|
E4D2|D2B3A|F2E3D|D6|1 D4:|2 D3d2e||
f2e2d2|g b3a2|a6|f4de|f2e2d2|g b3a2|
e6|e3g gf|e2f2d2|B3c d2|A6|d4c2|B2A2G2|
B/c/ d3F2|E4EF|E4AB/c/|d2c2A2|
B4A2|F A3F2|E4D2|D2B3A|F2E3D|D6-|D4||