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Irish and Scots trad singer/bodhran/pennywhistle
Sailor: I know a lot of sea chanteys/shanties. Like, a LOT. Range high soprano (head) down to high/mid bary (chest), so the shantyman bit works fine. (Hence the moniker I use when working Faires… Arrrrh) Previously living aboard a sailboat and heading to the Caribbean for a few years, got shaghaied to Fort Myers, FL. Also spend some time in Portland, Oregon. Sing anything from Gregorian chants through opera, funk and Soca if I can’t get sea shanties or trad.
So, if you’re in town and want to do any of that together, send a message. Love mah bodhran and enojy doing BV.
Beloved singers: Stan Rogers has joined the Gods. Gordon Bok is an international treasure, so is Briege Murphy and so are Cathy Jordan and Caisleán Uí Néill and Mary Black and June Tabor and Maddy Pryor and the Wailin‘ Jennys. But so are sooo many others: the world is so very full of music and musical genii. That is both a wonderful thing, and tough on the pros, bless ’em -- Heather