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The Bio: of - Jim McAuley Fiddler _ Larne Co. Antrim .
I started Irish Traditional Music at 18 with a Guitar in the Town Hall Bar, a Larne pub opposite the bell tower at the front of Larne’s town hall . At 20 I took up the Fiddle after two years at early Fleadh’s.
‘ And in hearing, the Fiddle Playing style of Andy Dickson from Belfast . ’
I am self taught, but after the influence of Andy, I heard and got help from many other great, Fiddler’s ie. - Francies Mooney and his Daughter Mairead From Gweedore Co. Donegal.
Dermot Diamond, Berendan Gunn, Geordie McAdam, Ernie Swain, etc - Belfast and Co Down.
And in the South of Ireland. I’d Great help from Gerry O’Connor, and his sister Eilish, when I met up with them. I also Listened and learned tunes, a lot from Album’s of Tommy Peoples, and ( Bothy Band ).
‘’ But learn’t mostly my tunes, from recording’s, in Session’s, or at the Fleadh’s.‘’
Tho, lately I have become very influenced by the Tunes, and Playing , and of the playing style of, Charlie Lennon. Also Ben Lennon, and his son, Maurice Lennon. And that, North Leitrim Style .
Jim McAuley ‘ Fiddle ’

I’m a fiddle player from Larne, Country Antrim and have been playing
fiddle now for, 43 years .